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PostSubject: FORUM RULES.   FORUM RULES. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 11:34 pm

Ok, I'll keep it short ^^
I wont be strict but if you don't follow there few rules - BANN! >3

1. Please respect each other. Don't instul other members. I serously don't want any dramas between members, it can cause an issue in the whole studio. We are all friends here so lets keep it polite^-^
* But is you have some serious problem, PM me so we can resolve the problem, if it's possible.

2. Cursing & swearing is allowed. But everything has it's limits. If you cross that line you will 1st be warned and if you keep doing the same thing, banned.

3. Spaming such as writing "da;dbdlas" or copy/paste same word or sentence is not tolarated. You can spam in spaming category but in others please don't. If you spam you will 1st be warned and then if you keep spamming in non spaming cat. , you will be banned.

4. Please don't make unnessesery topic just because you're bored or 'cause you think it's fun. All topics like that will be removed.

5. All members that doesnt follow the rules will be banned. For some of them will 1st recive a warning notice and is he/she keeps doing the same thing, will be banned.
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